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We offer "Pet Friendly Hotel" service for our guests who have pets so that they are not separated from their friends on holiday.


We offer a "Pet-Friendly Hotel" service for our guests who have pets so that they are not separated from their friends on holiday.

We know that your pet is a valuable member of your family.

For you, your pet friend, and other guests who may have some sensitivities (such as trauma, allergy, fear, etc.) to be happy and peaceful during their holiday, we can accept pets under the conditions we set.

Thank you for complying with the specified conditions.


Barut Hemera Terms & Conditions for Pet Admission:

  • As with all the other indoor areas, pets are not allowed in the reception and lobby areas, so please keep your pet in a carrier bag during check-in.
  • Including the spa center, pets are not allowed in indoor and outdoor areas where gastronomic services, are provided (Main Restaurant, Patisserie, À la carte restaurants, Snack restaurant, etc.). In outdoor areas (Meltem Pool Bar, Beach Bar, or Beach area, etc.), we kindly request you keep your pets in carrier bags. To ensure the comfort of other guests during animation activities, it is important not to bring our pets to these areas.
  • Pets weighing up to 8 kg are welcome.
  • Maximum "1" pet can stay in the same room.
  • The accommodation fee for pets is € 25 per day, payment can be settled upon check-in to cover the duration of the stay.
  • Tropical species and species with international travel bans are not allowed.
  • The valid vaccination record must be presented during the check-in. Animals without passport/vaccination records cannot be accepted.
  • They can only be walked on a leash on the walkways within the hotel, hygiene rules must be followed during walking. The care, feeding, and walking of pets are the owner's responsibility. Pets are allowed in the green area of the Pety Friendly room terrace and on the walking paths, provided they are not released. They cannot be strolled in any area other than the specified.
  • The needs of the pet such as care, feeding, and walking must be carried out by the owner.
  • If your pet is not happy traveling or staying in a place other than the area where it lives, we recommend that you do not bring your pet friend with you for its peace of mind.
  • In case of a complaint about the noise in a Pet-Friendly room, the hotel management will ask the room owner to provide a solution.
  • If the noise cannot be resolved, it may be requested to terminate the stay.
  • Hotelier retains the right to confirm pet bookings if Pet-Friendly rooms are available. Since the determined Deluxe Garden view rooms will be adapted to the pet-friendly concept, it will not be possible to stay in rooms other than the room type and number determined by the hotel management.
  • Pets cannot be brought directly to the hotel without prior approval from the hotel.
  • The hotel management has retained the right to request the passport information of the pet to be accommodated at the reservation stage or before check-in, if necessary.
  • The time of the room cleaning must be communicated and determined in advance. During the cleaning process, pets should be out of the room.
  • You agree that you are responsible for any personal injury and damage to hotel equipment caused by your pet. Our hotel management does not accept any debts and damages that may arise for this reason and our management cannot be held responsible for such situations. Our hotel reserves the right to charge the damage amount to your account in case of damage.
  • In the event of noise complaints from other guests and the inability to resolve the noise issue, entry with the pet beyond the permitted areas, and failure to demonstrate a cooperative attitude, the hotel management reserves the right to terminate the stay. At this stage, the remaining accommodation fee will be refunded through the channel of purchase.
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